About our kennel

The "birth date" of our kennel is March 4, 1997. On that day, our female Balerina Buon Giorno gave birth to her first puppies. These dogs have become the basis and laid the grounds to our present work. Currently, the kennel has two brindle female from this litter -
Zitel Favourite and Zalfika Brisk

We would like to dedicate this paragraph to Balerina Bon Dzhorno - she is truly the reason we started our kennel. This amazing dog is one of the "bright stars" of Sankt-Petersburg`s dog shows. Despite the fact that Balerina has only Russian roots, she was born as a result of linear breeding the top breeder dogs. She inherited and has many excellent breeding qualities that are unique to the boxers. The Russian as well as the foreign judges have recognized it on many occasions. Unfortunately, at her best age, Ballerina has only participated in local shows. She is Champion of Russia and a candidate to win the "Champion of the Russian Boxer Club" title. Many times she has been awarded the title "Best of breed". If not for those circumstances, we believe, her career may have been far more successful. Ballrina is 10 years old now, still in the excellent shape. (On the photo shown - 7 yrs old)

The reason to go into serious breeding was our trip to Helsinki (Finland), to the World Dog Show. A great number of beautiful dogs, the true art of handling, excellent program, and overall festivities-sparked our interest tremendously. Magnificent Alessandro Tanoni we met at the event, amazed us. Also, we have met many famous breeders from Finland, which has helped us a lot to "steer" our work in the right direction.

In 1998, we have established the first contacts with foreign breeders and kennels. These friendships and busines relationships allow us to exchange the valuable information and experience, as well as to use the best West European lines.

Nevertheless, we realize that our kennel is still young and growing. We are hoping that the experts and boxer-fans will continue to recognize the exterior and working abilities the "Bon Dzhorno" dogs.

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